Below you can view detailed profiles for each Stafford Restorations BMW motorcycle that was produced from 2018 and beyond. We will be adding older restorations over time, so please check this page periodically for updates. We produce just a handful of BMW restorations each year (typically around five bikes). On this page, you can view available freshly restored motorcycles and available older restored motorcycles offered on behalf of Stafford Restorations motorcycle owners which are presently for sale. You can also view commissioned and sold Stafford Restoration motorcycles.

In brackets, you will notice our naming convention for the restorations we produce. This nomenclature indicates the year of restoration (or refresh), and the restoration number during that year, e.g., [2018/1] which indicates a restoration from 2018, and it was the first bike we restored in 2018. More details and photos can be found on each motorcycle’s build page.

If you have any questions about acquiring a Stafford Restoration BMW motorcycle, or discussing having your own pre-1974 BMW motorcycle restored by us, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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